Join us at Elf Without Jingles, The Website!

Well, fellow believers, it was only a matter of time -- give or take a decade or so, but assisted -- "forced," he says -- by FabledSanta from Nashville, your humble Elf Without Jingles now has a Santa site all me own!

Introducing Elf Without Jingles, The Website at (natch!). Basically, it serves the same purpose as this site here, only the focus is more largely on what I can offer you as far as booking me for your special event, party or occasion goes. We try to keep things family-friendly there, just as we do here at KQ5; and I'll add a few links to, among other things, the Santa Claus Oath Foundation's pages, the Santa Claus Hall of Fame, and, of course, the Danish Santa Guild and the World Santa Claus Congress!

So if you're serious about hiring the most handsome-looking Kringle in Manhattan, have a look at You folks can also e-mail me at if you wanna find out what else I can do for you. Believe me, you're gonna have fun checking it out, and finding out what magic we have in store for you.

If you really wanna find out how to book me for that special event, party or gathering, you can also look me up on, or at, or at Use all three to find out more about me, my Kringle adventures, and everything else in between. And, uh, please visit soon. It does, after all, tend to get a little bit lonely here.

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