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From our Founding Kringle, Richard Washington

As of January 2020, this website has adapted its name from, Fourth Edition to, v.5, or Fifth Edition. We upgrade our name primarily to reflect upon the fact that this site's content has come to encompass far more than the latest news and information concerning Santa Claus: The Movie. Regardless, this website continues to need your support and encouragement.

With every brand new year, this website rapidly becomes a vital part of the Christmas landscape --- serving, as we've always done, as an important and central resource for fans of Santa Claus: The Movie. We continue to welcome your comments, questions, ideas, possible information --- anything you can supply that will assist these pages in achieving their key mandate: Santa Claus: The Movie in all its fully-restored, widescreen glory, as its creators had originally intended ..... with a few special extras, as well.

Having said all this, we hope you will continue to check us out, even as we continue to do our best to make this site fresh and new. We remember well the days when we were just plain ol' A 15th Anniversary Tribute; and of course, we hope you'll continue to stick with us. Merry Christmas!

Sincerely yours,


Senior Elf-in-Charge,, v.5

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