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At the heart of the Santa Claus: The Movie™ soundtrack are seven original songs, each of them written expressly for the motion picture. Of these, five were composed by the late Henry Mancini --- probably the most prolific and certainly the most celebrated among America's contemporary film composers --- with lyrics by Leslie Bricusse. In the early stages of research for this website, we stumbled upon a songbook comprised entirely of Bricusse's material, personally selected by the veteran composer-lyricist-screenwriter himself. In that songbook, Bricusse recalls how he learned that the Salkinds had originally intended that John Williams compose the Santa score, no doubt hoping to reunite the Williams/Bricusse team that had created the haunting Can You Read My Mind? (Love Theme from Superman). Prior commitments, some of them with Steven Spielberg, prevented Williams from accepting the Salkinds' Santa offer, forcing the producers to find an alternative --- and FAST! Enter Henry Mancini.

Though Mancini accepted the Santa deal, Bricusse further recalls that he was not entirely pleased with the way that the producers used his material. For example, as you are about to see, the lyrics to "Giving," the second portion of "Santa's Theme (Main Title)," were never sung in the film; apparently the Salkinds wanted the instrumental version, which Mancini had written, to stand on its own. Still, these seven songs, presented here in order of appearance, are some of the finest examples of original musical material capable of expressing the Christmas spirit. (Except where indicated, all lyrics are by Leslie Bricusse; and are ™s & © 1985 by Calash Corp., N.V. International copyright secured. All rights reserved.)


In 1997, singer Johnny Mathis included "Giving" on a newly-recorded collection of Christmas songs, bringing a new luster to this all-too-obviously abandoned melody, as only the great Mathis could:

Ev'ry Christmas Eve, we are part of the Miracle.
Ev'ry girl and boy shares the joy if they believe.
You can share it too. Just believe in the Miracle ---
You will carry Joy with you ev'ry Christmas Eve....
So that ev'ry Christmas,
Ev'ry gift of Christmas
And all that you wish will be yours;
For ev'ry Christmas, Christmas isn't Christmas
Unless there's a Santa Claus,
Unless there's a Santa Claus....
(repeat opening stanza)
In this whole world that we live in,
There is one pure joy that ev'ryone can share:
The joy of giving
To the people for whom we care.
When you give love in small ways,
You'll know it's always there.
To be giving and forgiving
Is to understand the joy of living.
What's so hard about giving?
It's a perfectly simple art.
The trick is to give with love from the start
And to give with an open heart......

MAKING TOYS (March & Dance)

Structurally, this song is built along the same basic lines as John Williams' Superman March and Jerry Goldsmith's Main Title Theme from Supergirl (no surprise there, since the Salkinds' clout was, to coin a phrase, instrumental in making each theme come to life). Some time ago, your humble Elf without Jingles, with the assistance of Australian-based Santa Claus: The Movie™ fan Serge Cirkov, assembled an updated retranscription of "Making Toys," using two tracks from the extended Original Motion Picture Soundtrack Album. Here now is that extended retranscription, in its entirety:

Making toys --- when you're an Elf, better be good,
And you must also use quality wood!
Quality must come first. That is an Elf's matter of pride,
Which ev'ry Yuletide they/we provide!
They're/We're all master artists when they/we paint;
They've/We've never heard one complaint!
Colorful work improves;
Start with some green, yellow and blue ---
Happily making toys for you!
(Instrumental pause)
Making toys, tons of toys for a zillion girls and boys,
All the toys ev'ry girl and boy enjoys:
From animals and sailing boats
To dolls with shiny shoes and coats
And toys for boys who like a lot of noise!
Sweets and treats for your tums,
Made with thousand-gallon drums ---
It becomes one of life's great joys.
Elves/We are here to make your Christmas better ev'ry year ---
They/We really love making toys!
(instrumental break)
Making toys, there's not a thing that they/we adore,
And it can carry them/us rightly along!
They're/We're at it all year long,
As soon as one business is done,
Business of next year has begun!
They/we work all the day and nighttime, too,
'Cause Christmas is all they/we do!
Happy to tell you now, knowing the skill that it employs,
There is no thrill like making toys!
Making toys ev'ry year is a very fine career,
And they/we work in a happy atmosphere!
They/We carve and weave and paint enough,
So many of the things you love,
And all their/our love is ever very clear!
Though they/we say so themselves/ourselves,
They/We are very clever elves,
And their/our shelves show their perfect poise!
Elves/We are seldom done, you see, when Christmas time is near ---
Let's hear it for making toys!
Making toys, that is the best job there can be,
And ev'ry toy they/we make can be a friend;
Ev-er-y Christmas Eve, they/we have a big task to achieve;
Keeping them/us making toys ---
Happily making toys again!


Sung and shown briefly during the Montage sequence, and featuring a never-sung third verse, presented here for the first time, this is the only Bricusse/Mancini song featured in the Santa Claus soundtrack of which the lyricist is extremely proud:

Christmas is the best of days. Who's the happy cause?
It's our fav'rite person, mine and yours --- SANTA CLAUS!
Santa gives to all of us all he has to give.
Santa really knows the way to live! (Live! live! live!)
Thank you, Santa! Thank you, Santa!
When it snows, we know you're near.
We want to ---
Thank you, Santa! Thank you, Santa!
So nice to know you're comin' back next year.....
He belongs to ev'ryone if we share for sure.
Santa is forever --- ev'rywhere, evermore.
Santa Claus is ours because he's the friend we need.
Santa is our friend in word and deed! (Indeed, indeed, indeed!)
Thank you, Santa! Thank you, Santa!
You bring all the world good cheer.
We're here to ---
Thank you, Santa! Thank you, Santa!
We like Christmas 20 times a year.
Christmas is our fav'rite day, and we know the cause:
It's our fav'rite person, mine and yours --- SANTA CLAUS!
Santa Claus is on his way! Gonna be here soon!
See his sleigh and reindeer cross the Moon! (Soon, soon, soon!)
(Repeat 1st Chorus, adding "So nice to know you're comin' back next year," then repeat 2nd Chorus, and repeat both choruses to fadeout)


This tune is sung in the background during the scene taking place near Cornelia's townhouse, as we meet her and the homeless boy who will only call himself Joe:

Time tumbles by, there's snow in the sky,
And here it is, Christmas again!
Street Santas shout. The schoolkids are out.
There's no doubt, it's Christmas again!
And life is fine....
The shop windows shine,
And children stay up 'til 10.
May all your years be filled with good cheer,
Until it is Christmas again.....
(Instrumental pause)
Carolers sing, cathedral bells ring ---
They're welcoming Christmas again.
And hopes are high. The New Year is nigh,
And I start remembering then
Old friends and new --- especially you.
And truly, it's Christmas again!


Lyrics by Nick Beggs; Music by Nick Beggs, Stuart Croxford, Neal Askew and Steve Askew

Published by Infinite Music and Intersong Communications USA

Produced by Ken Scott

Performed by KAJA

This next song is one of two which were included in the film to apparently attract the so-called younger generation. We briefly hear snippets of the second verse in the scene in which Joe (Christian Fitzpatrick) peeks into the window of a local McDonald's. Product placement aside, it should be noted that the scene is a visual attempt on the part of director Jeannot Szwarc to illustrate what remains a controversial, ongoing issue: the plight of America's homeless. And even if this tune hasn't exactly wowed listeners through the years, there are still some of us here on the staff who think that Kaja's original recording has the proverbial great beat that one can boogie to (whether you're an elf or not!):

There is a time for ev'ryone,
But this ain't the time or the place.
When will you see whatcha doin' to me?
My tear-stains are easy to trace.
Shouldn't do that, shouldn't do that now, baby [now, now, now] Shouldn't do that ---
Nobody ever told you not to do it!
Shouldn't do that, shouldn't do that now, darlin' [now, now] Shouldn't do that ---
Nobody ever told you not to ---
Some things ain't worth the worry 'less you
Fight for them hand-over-tooth.
You've got one helluva lesson comin',
'Cuz I'm gonna teach you the truth! Ah ---
There is a time for most things, I mean,
Some things that are easy to see.
Some things are better forgotten;
Like, you sure made a fool out of me!


This, of course, is the bizarre tune sung as part of B.Z. Toys' controversial Patch Puce Pop commercial. That spot later serves as the launchpad, so to speak, for the Christmas II project:

Patch! Natch! Patch! Natch!
Someone new has come to town. (Patch! Natch!)
A magic clown with eyes of brown. (Patch! Natch!)
Planned to be another Santa
And to share ol' Santa's crown,
He'll turn Christmas upside down ---
Patch! Natch!
He's got a brand-new candy,
As dandy as can be.
It's puce and juicy, as you see;
He plans to make it free!
Scratch ain't no way needed
(Indeed, there ain't no catch!)
Zero in on our new hero Patch!
It's natch that
He's the guy who's got it made! (Patch! Natch!)
Lollipops in next year's shade! (Patch! Natch!)
Our Patch Puce Pops are really tops!
One quick lick down --- you're off the ground!
Make Patch the man --- the man who can
Sell Christmas Day a brand-new way.......
Just attach yourself to our man Patch!


Words and Music by Bill House and John Hobbs

Produced by Keith Olsen for the Pogologo Corporation

Sung by Sheena Easton

OK, so only verse two and the chorus are all we get to hear over the actual credits. No matter. The miracle behind this song is that it is, simply, one of the best that Sheena ever recorded. If any of you out there have any Sheena Easton-inspired websites, please do not hesitate to add this one to your collections of Sheena favorites:

All my life,
I've tried to do what's right.
First star I see tonight,
Make my wish come true:
Why can't we
Join hands around one tree,
Let live and let it be,
And make Christmas last forever?
When Santa's flyin' in his magic sleigh,
Goes all around the world in just a day,
From the North Pole to the southern tip,
He makes his trip with love to give away.
Hear him say..........
It's Christmas all over the world tonight,
It's Christmas all over the world.
All my life,
I've learned if I was good,
Did ev'rything I should,
My dreams would all come true.
I can see
A special night when we
Join hands around one tree
And make Christmas last forever!
It's Christmas all over the world tonight (all over the world),
It's Christmas all over the world, etc.

To sum up our exploration of these seven songs: Why was Leslie Bricusse's material so unjustly neglected? Why, in particular, were his lyrics for "Giving" deleted from the film? As for the Henry Mancini score, what portions eventually made their way onto the EMI-America version of the Original Motion Picture Soundtrack album, long since out of date, and what portions did not? And finally, what caused the rest of Mancini's Santa Claus score not to be made available to the general public until recently? These are the mysteries which, sadly, may never be known, despite Anchor Bay's previous, now out of print, restoration of Santa Claus: The Movie --- which, ultimately, has been one of the primary objectives of this website.......

In November 2006, Film Score Monthly Magazine published its last issue in printed form. After 15-plus years of covering the classic film scores of Hollywood's favorite composers and conductors, and providing the latest news and information about their work, it was decided that it was no longer economically feasible to continue publishing a printed Film Score Monthly. The Editors, however, unwilling to see the fruits of their labors die so quickly, pooled all their content into the Film Score Monthly website, That decision was a key milestone for us here at KringleQuest, in that, at the time, one of this site's stated goals was to instigate a reissuing of Henry Mancini's complete Santa Claus: The Movie™ score, including previously unreleased material. Since then, Quartet Records has stepped up to the plate; now, some two decades later, a fully expanded version of the complete Mancini score is at last a reality. For further details, visit We thank our Film Score Monthly colleagues for helping us raise public awareness of this long-sought goal, at long last made real.

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