Huzzah! to the Kringle Royals!

This year's World Santa Claus Congress at Bakken would have featured a significant milestone: the 25th Anniversary Gathering of das Dansk Julemands Laug --- the Danish Santa Claus Guild. As we explained earlier in "King of the Kiddies, Revisited," 24 Very Important Santas and their Helpers have been bestowed with an honor reserved for a chosen few. What follows is a visual tribute to the finest Clauses to be honored with the regalia of the Kringle Royals of the World Santa Claus Congress. Enjoy!

Ole Lundgaard,
Founder of das Dansk Julemands Laug.
Erik Hansen,
who dedicated his reign to Santa's mind and heart.
Anne-Lise Hansen,
who wrote birthday cards to all the Guild's members.
First of the "Kringle Queens."
John Just,
who launched the Guild's initiative of staging Christmas Tree Parties
for Denmark's disabled and/or disadvantaged children.
Frank Clausen,
who prepared the Guild
for its first-ever visit
to the Barrels' Christmas Market.
Kjeld Kristensen,
who coordinated the first Christmas Tree Party
for the children of the Jyllander region.
Kurt A. Hansen,
member of the Guild's Board of Directors.
Jorgen Jespersen,
the Guild's Secretary of the Board of Directors;
also chosen "for his duties as one of the Guild's standard-bearers."
Henrik Jacobsen,
Alderman of the Guild,
for his tenure with the group
during which he founded its Gnome Guild,
as well as designing the local hospital's official teddy bear.
Peter Gislund,
for planning and coordinating the Guild's 2008 Annual General Meeting;
and for making arrangements
for all who attended the event in his hometown of Skagen.
Peter Norgaard,
"who always kept the entertainment top-notch!"
Olavi Niikanoff,
for his years of involvement
with Christmas Tree Parties for those children
suffering from diabetes and other afflictions.
Anne-Lise Hansen-Jacobsen,
who launched a separate Christmas Guild in 1994,
and has since remained active in the parent Guild's activities.
Third of the Kringle Queens.
Villy Brinkbaek,
the Guild's longtime Deputy Alderman,
and veteran of its Board of Directors.
"Gorm" Bjelke Sandstrom,
for his own distinguished contributions to the Guild.
Allan Hendley,
President of das Dansk Julemands Laug,
and member of its Board of Directors.
Helle Jacobsen,
wife of Henrik, collector of Kringle trinkets;
member of the Guild's Board of Directors; fourth of the Kringle Queens.
Tina Brinkbaek,
daughter of Villy,
fifth of the Kringle Queens;
member of the Guild's Board of Directors.
Leif Boyer,
member of the Guild's Board of Directors.
Preben ("Nyborgnissen") Mikkelsen,
current editor and publisher of the Guild's Magazine; Webmaster of
Simon Andersen, alias Simon Brons,
youngest Kringle to be crowned King of the Kiddies;
"chosen for his performance as Santa,
along with serving as a Guild banner-bearer."
Michael Koed,
for organizing Christmas Tree Parties
for kids who won't have the chance to share Christmas magic,
along with helping his hometown of Tonder
organize their Christmas Village.
from 1998, Jorgen Rosland,
founding publisher of the Guild's
members-only Magazine;
and from 2002, Ase Davidsen,
Treasurer of the Guild,
and second of the Kringle Queens.

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