"Once upon a time,
the art of the movies was to suspend belief.
the art is to create belief.
One of the greatest challenges
in the modern history of cinema
was to make you believe that a man could fly.
They succeeded ....
in a film called Superman ®."

So spoke Ernie Anderson,
legendary voice of
America's ABC Television Network,
in introducing
the first great making-of documentary
from the father-and-son production team of
Alexander and Ilya Salkind and Pierre Spengler:

The Making of Superman: The Movie ®.

Eight years later,
those same three men
would reassemble
some of their Superman ® teammates,
and add a few new friends,
to embark upon a brand-new mission:
to make the world believe
in the power of flight once again.

Only, this time,
they would call it
Santa Claus: The Movie™.