Meet the Salkinds!

Everything about Alexander, Ilya, Pierre and the gang!

Of course, any homepage about Santa Claus: The Movie --- of which, believe it or not, this happens to be the ONLY one! --- must introduce you to the three men most responsible for making it all happen: Alexander Salkind, Presenter; Ilya Salkind, Alexander's son and heir, Executive Producer; and Pierre Spengler, Ilya's longtime friend and business associate, Producer.

This section of, v.5 recaps their careers, and eventually will attempt to explore why their films are, with the exception of the Superman films, so difficult to find these days. The reissuing several years ago of both Musketeer movies for VHS videocassette, laserdisc and DVD may have excited fans of the two Richard Lester films, and by extension, such might have been presumably the case with Santa Claus: The Movie itself, in light of Lionsgate's new version of Patch's odyssey; but even now, nearly 40 years after Alexander's passing, there exists a greater need to learn more about Team Salkind, its life and its works. Hence, this segment. Again, we have relied in part on the Internet Movie Database to tell some of the Team's story. Enjoy!



MARIA GATTI de MONREAL, Executive Assistant

PAULINE COUTELENQ, Production Executive

This segment of is still under construction; check back soon.

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