A Reminder from Richard Washington

In the last days of October 2011, our colleague GandAlfDC decided, after 15 years of faithful service, to shut down his powerful and awesome Superman Cinema site. As you're already aware, it was Hiphats, GandAlfDC (who then called himself MegadethDC), Bill Williams and several other contributors who launched the bid to reissue Superman: The Movie in September 1996. Their combined efforts led to Warner Home Video releasing the Man of Steel's first great movie --- the Salkinds' First Great Film Fantasy --- on DVD, beginning in May 2001.

But GandAlfDC soon wondered whether the time had come to move on to something else. I understand how natural these feelings are; remember, we are only human. By June 2003, the site was subsequently reactivated, only to vanish --- and somehow reappear again! --- in February 2005. Nonetheless, there is one important thing I should like to share with those who do decide to develop a website like SupermanCinema.co.uk --- or, for that matter, KringleQuest.com itself:

First and foremost, you need to understand that, with the exception of the Superman movies themselves, as well as the two Musketeer films, 1977's Crossed Swords/The Prince and the Pauper and the Team's much-ridiculed swansong, Christopher Columbus: The Discovery, there are at least between 12 and 20 movies floating around with the words "Alexander Salkind Presents" that have not been seen, much less placed in the public domain, since their original release. Years after the fact, and because of certain copyright and legal loopholes, the possibility still exists that we're going to lose these films --- FOREVER.

We who are fans, not only of the Superman movies themselves, but also of the Salkinds' legacy, have put our respective sites (this one included) here on the web so that such a possibility can be prevented. That reason matters to us more than anything else. You see, kids, at the end of the day, the topic is, pure and simply, film preservation. We made the commitment a long time ago, and it was Hiphats, GandalfDC and their friends who really led the way. And while we may have lost our faith in the cause for a little time (and Hiphats knows what I'm talking about), we have never wavered in our passion for things Salkind.

So remember, potential Salkind website developer: you're being asked to take part in a great adventure --- one that will affect your very heart and soul. You'll be asked to serve as keeper of a vast treasure trove of knowledge --- knowledge that deserves to be shared with the general public. Because if we let this one get away, chances are we might not get it back.

For additional information, please contact me at either blackbeardpirate81@yahoo.com or santa@elfwithoutjingles.com. And be sure to keep watching, because KringleQuest.com, Fifth Edition, will continue to monitor the status of every Salkind- and/or Santa Claus-related website all holiday season long. So don't lose faith now.

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