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A 20th Anniversary Message

Listen up, Santa Claus: The Movie fans! The moment we've busted our every move for over the last seven and a half years is finally HERE: Santa Claus: The Movie's 20th Anniversary! As you know, we have battled every Kringle obstacle and followed every hot Santa story there is just to make it to this moment.... and now, here we are, exactly 11 months away from November 27th, 2005 --- and believe us when we tell you we can hardly wait to celebrate!

All through the 2004 holiday season, as well as during the 2005 off-season, you've been seeing new and incredible edits, links and additions to --- most of which will allow the site to stay fresh and new. So remember, gang: we may be somewhat delayed as far as contacting our many fans across the country is concerned. As always, we only ask for your patience during this process; remember, it isn't easy running the only unofficial Santa Claus: The Movie website, you know.

Regardless, you have our promise that this website will always stay true to its core purpose --- to raise public awareness not only about Santa Claus: The Movie and the legacy of Alexander and Ilya Salkind, but also about film preservation. You see, folks, at the end of the day, it's all about making magic happen for everyone: not just professional and amateur Santa performers, but those who believe in and take comfort in Santa's magic every day of their lives.

It's for them, after all, that Richard Washington set out to create these pages. While the Quest has been at times a lonely and sometimes difficult one, you can't deny that it was, and remains, a labor of love. And what is Santa Claus, when all is said and done, if he is not a Defender of True and Honest Love?

It all started with one motion picture. That movie is less than a year away from turning twenty. We encourage our friends of Santa Claus throughout the world to visit us here at as we celebrate this all-important milestone in Santa history.

Ho-ho-ho! Merry Christmas to all!


The Team

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