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Santa Claus: The Rant II!

Well, fellow Elves, it did not take long before once again, this website somehow became the target of some undeserved vitriol --- courtesy of former Washington Post senior film critic Stephen Hunter. In his November 25th, 2004 rant entitled "Empty Suit," Mr. Hunter suggested that Santa Claus' overall contributions to the history of modern cinema are, by and large, meaningless. Yet it was over a century ago, as regular visitors to this site will discover through our segment Santa's Century at the Movies, that a London-based filmmaker named George A. Smith produced the first motion picture entirely devoted to the subject of Santa Claus.

But to make a long point short, when someone goes out of his way not only to insult Santa Claus: The Movie itself, but then dares to call this website "deeply disturbing," that's when I have to say: Them's fightin' words, my friend!

I spent a lot of time researching Santa Claus: The Movie, and trying in my own small measure to increase public awareness not only about the film itself, but also about the Salkinds' legacy in general. Frankly (and I'm sure ol' Hiphats would agree with me!), I think that the Salkinds have gotten a bum rap, and an undeserved one at that! In fact, I've told you previously on this site that the Salkinds' legacy is being allowed to vanish because of certain copyright and legal loopholes. A lot of the Salkinds' movies prior to 1978 have not been publicly seen since their original theatrical releases --- which only further justifies this website's existence! Now if someone tells me that that sort of achievement is 'deeply disturbing,' then tell me: what in Merlin's name am I doing online in the first place?

While I recognize that everyone has a right to free speech in America today, I take it personally that someone like Stephen Hunter is permitted to flaunt that kind of attitude from a journalistic perspective. So in closing, let it be known that nobody insults Santa Claus, or his century-old movie resume, or this website, on my watch! That's not gonna happen as long as I'm the Elf-in-Charge. Anyone who feels otherwise, understand this:


Of course, that's just my opinion. I could be wrong.

Sincerely yours,


Senior Elf-in-Charge, KringleQuest.com, v.5

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