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Santa on Superman 's 80th Anniversary and the 1000th Issue of Action Comics !

Greetings, Kal-el, lad! So, 80 years, eh what? You keep going the way you're going, pretty soon, you're going to have a long white beard --- just like me! (Ho-ho-ho!) Nevertheless, I couldn't let your Anniversary pass, let alone the 1000th Issue of Action Comics , without a few words from me, your dear next-door neighbor here at the Top of the World! (Ho-ho-ho!)

We've celebrated many a Christmas together, you and I --- and in all those aeons, you've somehow not only managed to get me out of a jam or two; you've succeeded at the end of our adventures to find your way back to Metropolis one moment, thereby allowing Clark Kent to celebrate the holidays alongside Lois Lane, Jimmy Olsen, Perry White and the whole Daily Planet crew --- and the next moment, you're back in Smallville, sharing the season with dear Jonathan and Martha!

As for me, son of Jor-el (sorry about that, ol' boy --- I did have to be a tad silly and remind you re the Zod thing! Ho-ho-ho!), I like to boast that, at times, you and I have had much in common: we share a significant color, red; DC Comics has always had the two of us working together many times through the years (I think we've shared the cover of Action Comics about 6 or 7 times); you and I both are eternal warriors waging a ceaseless battle to defend the Forces of Goodness; the United Nations has issued documentations declaring the both of us permanent citizens of Earth --- and, er, oh yeah: Alexander and Ilya Salkind and Pierre Spengler made some movies about us as well!

Jor-el and Lara would be very proud indeed of everything you've done for Earth and her people, Kal-el. Anya and I certainly are. That's why I consider it an honor to share my North Pole Headquarters with your Fortress of Solitude.

It's also why Richard Washington and his KringleQuest Team have asked me to share these kind thoughts with you, Kal, lad.

I would say, I suppose, that you do take Truth, Justice and the American Way very seriously, as you rightfully should. Not that it matters, but I would strongly suggest that you at least take a break during the holiday season. Saving the world is pretty tough, that I grant you, but it's no excuse for you not to have some kind of fun, and I sincerely urge you to do so.

Well, my dear Man of Steel, I would write a little bit more, but I do have my own schedule to worry about, you know. As a matter of fact, I expect that ol' Dooley should be knocking on my door within moments. Happy Anniversary, Superman --- and if ever you have need for a centuries-old sidekick, as it were, my sleigh is always available! Ho-ho-ho!

Forever and always,


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