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Santa Claus --- the Biker

or: Santa's Harley-Davidson Adventures

Every Christmas season, a special kind of magic happens --- the kind of magic that only happens when Santa temporarily trades his mighty sleigh and reindeer in for another kind of noble steed: a Harley-Davidson motorcycle. Oddly enough, there's always been a special kind of love that can only happen when Santa rides a Harley. With that as our premise, the KQ4 Team, using the vast database of, has selected some very important Harley dealers who have hosted Santa through the years. These links to selected Harley franchises have been chosen based on their history of association with Santa. Enjoy!

  • Arizona:
  • Arkansas:
  • Colorado:
  • Connecticut:
  • Florida
  • Idaho:
  • Iowa:
  • Louisiana:
  • Maryland:
  • Massachusetts:
  • Michigan:
  • Minnesota:
  • Missouri:
  • Montana:
  • Nebraska:
  • New Jersey:
  • New Mexico:
  • New York:
  • North Carolina:
  • North Dakota:
  • Oklahoma:
  • Pennsylvania:
  • Tennessee:
  • Texas:
  • Washington:
  • Wisconsin:
  • Wyoming:

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