Classic KringleQuest Guestbook Comments

From our original GeoCities Guestbook, here are the kind comments of some of the people who were nice enough to appreciate this site's very existence, starting with the first words that were ever scribbled in that very Guestbook:

"A little less workload! It's not easy being Santa Claus' Senior Second-in-Command, you know! .... This is just the Test Run for the Guestbook. If all goes well, we should know if folks will want to flock here. Merry Christmas!" --- Yours truly, Dooley

From Adam: "Favorite Christmas Tradition: Watching Christmas movies; Pillowcases on the end of the bed. Favorite Santa Claus: The Movie Character: Santa Request to Santa: Bring The Movie out on DVD, region 2! Other Comments: Great site; maybe could do with some pictures. If my capture card was working, I'd help you out."

From Dooley again: "Anyone out there who recalls the early Salkind movies? If so, we happily welcome your information!"

From the WebElf at ( "Favorite Christmas Tradition: Getting together with family for Christmas dinner. Favorite Holiday Homepage: Favorite Santa Claus: The Movie Character: Believe it or not, I haven't even seen The Movie yet. Don't get out too much; and there's no VCR in the workshop! Request to Santa: A couple of days off after Christmas --- please, Boss? And maybe a VCR, too? Other Comments: I've enjoyed exploring your site, and will be back when I have more time to spend on it."

Later, from the WebElf again: "Now look what you've done! You're going to get me in trouble with the Boss. I was supposed to invite your other guestbook viewers to visit his live webcam and photo slideshow and more...."

From Robbie Sherman, keeper of the Sherman Brothers' website --- ( "Favorite Christmas Tradition: Exchanging gifts. Favorite Santa Claus: The Movie Character: Gringa The Green Nosed Elf (a character which I invented! [Robbie was only teasing at the time!]) Request to Santa: That Penguins finally be taught to speak, and thus reveal their human-like thoughts to us all --- thus proving once and for all that they are neither fish nor fowl, but in fact are aliens, sent here to help our foolish planet. (Just a thought.)"

From Santa A. Claus at ( "Favorite Christmas Tradition: Everyone gathering around the Christmas tree to sing carols before going to midnight mass. Favorite Holiday Homepage: My own! Favorite Santa Claus: The Movie Character: No surprise Request to Santa: Please help me to make my Dreamland come true. I sure would like to meet you people!!!! Other Comments: May Santa's magic help to make the world a better place to live in. I think The Movie was the greatest ever, and I happen to own about 10 copies of the Joan D. Vinge novel. I'll be looking for Santa Claus II!"

From Lindsey at "Favorite Christmas Tradition: Everything from decorating the school Christmas tree, making mince pies, exchanging gifts on Christmas morning, and my mug of hot chocolate on Christmas Eve before going to bed. Favorite Holiday Homepage: This one! Favorite Santa Claus: The Movie Character: Patch --- without a doubt. Request to Santa: That the magic of Christmas be kept alive forever."

And finally, from Dooley yet again: "Request to Santa: More precious presents for all our visitors! Other Comments: To those of you who have not been made aware, we lost our beloved Patch nearly a week ago. Let me now invite you to scribble your tributes to Dudley Moore here in the KringleQuest Guestbook."

Those are the words of Dooley and some of KringleQuest's earliest online fans. Thanks for all your good comments, and we hope you'll scribble some more in our KringleQuest Guestbook.

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